Spring Creek Junction

Hidden in the rolling hills of central Montana is a short line railroad known as Central Montana Rail (CMR). The 87 miles of track meanders through wheat fields and pasture-lands, and ventures along the edge of the Missouri River breaks. Traveling on former Milwaukee Road and Great Northern Railway tracks, there are several compelling trestle crossings along the route. One such crossing, but not the largest, is the trestle over Big Spring Creek. Named Spring Creek Junction, this is a point at which the MILW and GN tracks joined together to enter Lewistown, Montana.

The CMR connects with the BNSF rail at Mocassin, allowing local farmers an opportunity to move locally grown grains out of the region via rail. Additionally, the CMR also pulls the Lewistown Chamber of Commerce’s dinner train, the Charlie Russell Chew Choo. The 56-mile roundtrip offers a unique opportunity to experience a beautiful part of Montana in an extraordinary way.

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